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Inger Ivarsson
Nytorp, S732 73 Fellingsbro, Sweden
Phone: 0581-63 10 97
E-Mail: westerner@telia.com

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A little about us…

I am since 1962 married to Sven, and we have three daughters. We started our breeding with Golden retrievers, but wanted a smaller dog, and the we choose cocker spaniel. Our first litter was born 1971, the mother was a black/tan bitch. I became more and more interested of the paritcoloured cocker, and bought a pair from Weirdene kennel in Scotland. Some years later we imported a blue roan/tan bitch, Lynwater Forest Flower. She is behind a big part of the Swedish cockers.
Under the years, I have completed my breeding with imports from different countries, and have also exported a big number of cockers around the world.
At present, we also have some Tibetan Spaniels, and two Eurasier.