~ News 2006 ~

Westerner Rainforest "Oliver"


31 january
121 cockers were entered to SSRK:s show. Judge was Inge E:son Thor (adults) and puppies Mia Sandgren.
BOB-puppy won Westerner Ghost Story, among 25 puppies

Westerner Ghost Story

Su(u)ch Westerner Timekeeper, Ior, was BOB, and BIS-4.
The judge wrote: Correct head with good expression. Very nice neck and topline. Well bodied. In super condition. Strong bones with outstanding angulation, good feet. Correct coat quality. Sound mover. Well presented.

Westerner Cross Country won the junior class with CC-quality, and then he became third best of males.
Westerner Beautiful Mind ended up as R-Best bitch with CC-quality.
SU(u)ch Westerner Hi-Flyer had a progeny group , and was BIS-4 in the final ring.

Su(u)ch Westerner Timekeeper


We got news from New Zeeland, CH Westerner Winds Eye, Simon, won Best in Show,
both Saturday and Sunday, all breed shows, judges was Don Palmer and Pat Thomas


26 january
Lexie, Sugarsticks Catch The Moon, has moved to Glenayden kennel in Australia. We miss her so much, but know that she will have a great life with her new owners, Ann and Dennis ! Good luck in your new home Lexie !

~ News 2005 ~
22 juli
Westerner Camelot, Benji, has moved to the north of Norway, to kennek Pop-Wov´s. Benji has A-hips and clear eyes, and has been shown with CC-quality.
We wish you good luck in your new home, Benji !

Westerner Camelot

Saturday 28 May - Norrköping SKK
Judge: Wayne Pearson, Australia
"Flamman" Westerner Aflame Colours (SU(u)Ch Westerner Hi-Flyer - Westerner Take A Raincheck) BOB-puppy out of seven puppies.
"Ior" SU(u)Ch Westerner Timekeeper was second in the championclass with CC-quality and third best dog.
Their dad "Findus" SU(u)Ch Westerner Hi-Flyer had progenygroup who was Best In Show-2 in the final under Joe C Walton, USA

"Flamman" Westerner Aflame Colours

21 May
This Saturday "Ior" Westerner Timekeeper became a champion at the SSRK show in Skokloster, he was also third best dog. "Garbo" Westerner Beautiful Mind was second best bitch with CC and also "Curry" Bomway Over The Border did very well winning the youth class (15-24 months) with CC-quality. See new photo of him here! Judge was Patric Ragnarsson. "Idde" SU(u)Ch Westerner Play For The Gallery won the veteran class with CC-quality and became BOS-veteran.
The same day "Vera" SU(u)Ch Westerner Fly By Wire won best bitch & BOS and the Kennel Club Show in Sollefteå there Marjo Jaakkola judged the breed.




"Ior & Garbo"

14 May
"Ior" Westerner Timekeeper made his debute in open class (over 2 years of age) in Österbybruk/Kennel Club 14 May, under Marion Spavin, England. He was second in the class with CC-quality.
His halfsister "Vera" SU(u)Ch Westerner Fly By Wire won best bitch & BOS under Ing-Marie Hagelin in Skellefteå/SSRK the weekend before.

26 April
"Benji" Westerner Camelot has now made his official debute winning the junior class (out of 10) with CC-quality, 11 months old, under Carlos Saevich at Västerås SKK/Int.

21 March
Congratulations to "Simon" Westerner Winds Eye, owner kennel Corsair, New Zealand, who this weekend became NZ Grand Champion! To receive this title you need 50 CC's and at least three all breeds Best In Show at championship shows (Simon got four!). "Simon" is the fourth cocker in New Zealand to receive this title and he is not yet 2 years old...

12 March
Our congratulations to "Vera" Westerner Fly By Wire who today at SSRK's show in Sundsvall got her last CC & championtitle and also won BOB & BIS-reserve!

~ News 2004 ~

16 November
More success for NZ Ch Westerner Winds Eye. This weekend he won BOB three times, and also another group win! Congratulations!

We have forgot to tell you that we were in Motala/SSRK 30th October and that "Benji" Westerner Camelot was BOS-puppy and his halfbrother "Ior" Westerner Timekeeper won the youth class with CC-quality and was third best dog.

15 November 2004
Grängesberg/SSRK. Judges: Marjo Jaakkola, Finland. Puppies: Sara Nordin
"Benji" Westerner Camelot BOB & BIS-2 puppy 4-6 months, just before his litterbrother "River" Westerner Cimarron River who also got HP.
"Nessie" Westerner Twin Peak came third with honour prize in a strong puppyclass (6-9 months) and her littersister "Loppan" Westerner To Eternity was fifth with honour prize.
"Ior" Westerner Timekeeper got his second CC after winning the youth class and ended up as third best dog, just before his dad "Findus" SU(u)Ch Westerner Hi-Flyer.
Westerner Fly By Wire won a big open class with CC-quality.
"Findus" progeny group was BIS-2 in the finals and Westerner's breeders group was BIS-4.

"Ior" after his win

Findus BIS-2 progenygroup with from the left:
"Findus" SU(u)Ch Westerner Hi-Flyer, Westerner Timekeeper,
Sugarstick's Moonshiner, Westerner Fly By Wire & Westerner Fly Me High.
The four Westernerdogs was the ones representing the kennel in the breedersgroup.

10 november
"Simon" NZ Ch Westerner Winds Eye has had another fantastic weekend, winning Best In Show at all breed championship shows for the second and the third time! Congratulations!

Westerner Winds Eye "Simon"
NZ Ch Westerner Winds Eye
Owner kennel Corsair, Nya Zeeland

20 augusti
In Askersund (SKK) 8 August "Ior" Westerner Timekeeper won the youth class (15-24 months) with CC-quality and ended up just outside the five best males. Judge was Kari Haave.

In Norrköping (SKK) 14 August "Findus" Westerner Hi-Flyer came second in open class with CC-quality, fourth best dog. His halfsister "Idde" Westerner Play For The Gallery was second in veteran class with CC-quality and was "sixth" best bitch. Judge: Hans Rosenberg

In Nyköping (SKK) 15 August "Findus" Westerner Hi-Flyer won the open class with CC-quality, came third best dog with CC, Res-CACIB and got his CHAMPIONTITLE! Annika Ulltveit-Moe judged.

Findus with his CC-cockade and the champion card
Findus with his CC-cockade
and the champion card

5 July
"Pepsi" Westerner Brave Heart ( A One's Aldebaran - SU(u)Ch Westerner Wild At Heart) who lives in South Africa at Tullamore Kennels has been to three shows this last weekend. He altoghter won 2 CC's, 2 BOB's, 2nd place Gundog Group, 4th place Gundog Group. Also one reserve CC + reserve BOB and 2nd place in Mini Grand Challenge.

3 July
"Ior" Westerner Timekeeper won the juniorclass with CC-quality and third best dog - with CC! - today at the Swedish Spaniel- & Retriever Club show in Rottneros. David Shields, kennel Wilholme judged and 82 cockers were entered. In January "Ior" was BOB-puppy (and Best In Show-puppy) at the SSRK Show in Köping for the same judge.

21 June
We have been very busy lately. Here comes som show news from april to now...

This weekend "Vera" Westerner Fly By Wire (Westerner Hi-Flyer - Mainel's Wind Whisper) got her second CC, won BOB (also that for the second time) and also won Best In Show! Congratulatios! The show was SSRK Örnsköldsvik and judge was Tiina Illukka. The day after she was third best bitch under Hans Rosenberg at the SSRK show in Härnösand.


"Vera" Westerner Fly By Wire winning
Best In Show at The Spaniel- & Retriever Club show in Örnsköldsvik
Photo: Gilbert Jarefors

Her dad "Findus" Westerner Hi-Flyer (SU(u)Ch Westerner Blowin' Free - Samcock's Sun-E) did the same day won the open class with CC-quality in Avesta/SKK under Kenneth Edh. He was also reserve (5t) best dog. He also won the open class with CC-quality in Västerås/SKK under Elina Tan-Hietalahti ("sixth" best dog) and was fourth best dog at Gotland (SSRK) under Jens Martin Hansen. At Västmanlands Cocker Club he had his first progeny group ever who was Best In Show.

In Vadstena/SKK in the beginning of June "Idde" Westerner Play For The Gallery (SU(u)Ch Westerner Blowin' Free - Westerner Forest Wildflower) won best bitch, CC and BOS - 8,5 years old! Her first CC did she get when she was 10 months old.....

At the same show "Garbo" Westerner Beautiful Mind (Multi Ch Midnight Train vom Rauhen Holz - Westerner Rose For Lady Blue) was reserve (5th) best bitch. She was also second in open with CC-qualitly in a big class at the SSRK show in Skokloster under Karl-Erik Johansson.

"Idde" Westerner Play For The Gallery (to the left) winning CC & BOS in Vadstena SKK.
BOB went to another veteran, SU(u)Ch Northworth Again And Again.
Judge: Ann-Christin Johansson.


"Viggen" Westerner Windflyer, younger fullbrother to "Vera" made his official debute at the SSRK show at Gotland, winning the junior class with CC-quality plus third best dog. At Västmanlands Cocker Club did he win the junior class once again and was also Best In Show-junior. Judge at this show was Maria Müllersdorf, kennel Meryl.

"Viggen" Westerner Windflyer winning
Best In Show-junior at Västmanlands Cocker Club.
BIS-reserve was a daughter to A One's Aldebaran, Love Cox's Apricot Sprite.


Abroad "Viggens" litterbrother "Simon" Westerner Winds Eye has going on doing very well. Only a couple of weeks after his first birthday he received his New Zealand-championtitle. He has also sired his first litter.

In South Africa "Pepsi" Westerner Braveheart has been winning too. At the Port Elisabeth Kennel Club show he won the CC, reserve BOB and best puppy in breed. He was best gundogpuppy and Best In Show-puppy!! A couple of weeks later, at the Pretoria Kennel Club show winning best puppy in breed, CC and BOB! He was also best gundgopuppy and third in the gundog group! Judge was Mrs Anne Bolus from USA. Later Mr M Lecussan, Australia, gave him BIS-2 puppy.

"Bond" Westerner True Lies (Multi Ch Midnight Train vom Rauhen Holz - Westerner Rose For Lady Blue) has made his debute in England and won Open Class at West of Englands Cocker Spaniel Club's Open Show.

1 April
"Pepsi" Westerner Braveheart has done very well again! This Saturday, at the Transvaal Midlands Kennel Club Show he won best cocker puppy and reserve CC.
He won the Gundog puppy group and was later on Best Puppy In Show under Mrs D Zipperer from Australia.
The day after he won another best cocker puppy and was second in the Gundog Puppy group!
This means that he now is qualified for the Annual Supreme Puppy contest which will be held next year in Cape Town.

Westerner Braveheart
Westerner Braveheart

Here in Sweden "Flyer" Westerner Firefly won his first CC and BOS under Arja Koskelo, Finland and the SSRK show in Uddevalla his Sunday. The day before he was reserve (5) best dog. "Kerstin" Westerner Waste of Time was then second in junior with CC-quality.

The weekend before at SSRK Lervik with Inger Boström as judge "Findus" Westerner Hi-Flyer won the open class and ended up as second best dog. "Garbo" Westerner Beautiful Mind came second in open bitches with CC-quality and ended as second best bitch. CC-quality also to "Vera" Westerner Fly By Wire who was second in 15-24 months. "Idde" Westerner Play For The Gallery was BIS-2 veteran under Tord Lundborg.

14 March
"Simon" Westerner Winds Eye (Westerner Hi-Flyer - Mainel's Wind Whisper) has been doing great in New Zealand! This Saturday he won his fifth CC, BOB, Best Gundog Puppy, Best Gundog, Best Puppy In Show and Reserve Best In Show!!! Congratulations!!! He is only 10 months old.

The photos is from the Canterbury Ladies Kennel Association there he won Best Puppy In Show under Guy Spagnolo, Australia.

Westerner Winds Eye

1 March
New, really nice results from New Zealand! Westerner Winds Eye (Westerner Hi-Flyer - Mainel's Wind Whisper) won this Saturday (judge: Guy Spagnolo) CC, BOB and reserve Best Gundog. He also won Best Gundogpuppy and Best In Show-puppy! On Sunday he won CC, Best Gundogpuppy & Best In Show-puppy again! This means that he is qualified for the allbreeds Puppy of The Year contest.

23 February
Congratulations to 10 months old Westerner Winds Eye (Westerner Hi-Flyer - Mainel's Wind Whisper), New Zealand, who this Saturday won his first CC and best puppy in group. Next day he won his second CC and BOB!!!

7 February
SSRK Motala, judge Tord Lundborg
"Ior" Westerner Timekeeper (Westerner Hi-Flyer - Westerner Waylight), 9 months, second in junior class with honourprize (11 entered).
"Flyer" Westerner Firefly (Westerner Hi-Flyer - Love Cox's Always Love Me), second in youth class (15-24 months) with CC-quality, reserve (5th) best dog.
"Wesley" Lourisma Versace (Cassom Sky At Night - Lourisma Follows A Dream), fourth in open with CC-quality.

26th January
Hat Trick! 3 x BIS!

South Africa: "Pepsi" Westerner Brave Heart (A One's Aldebaran - SU(u)Ch Westerner Wild At Heart) made his debute at The Transvaal Benevolent Club Open Show there he won BOB-puppy & BOB-cocker. He won the Gundog Puppy Group, and also The Gundog Group. Finally - Best In Show! Congratulations to kennel Tullamore!

New Zealand: "Simon" Westerner Winds Eye (Westerner Hi-Flyer - Mainel's Wind Whisper) won reserve-CC + reserve-BOB and also Best In Show-puppy!!! This was the second time, last weekend he won the same!

Sweden: At home "Ior" Westerner Timekeeper (Westerner Hi-Flyer - Westerner Waylight) won BOB-puppy (17 entered in 6-9 months) in Köping, SSRK, under David Shields. He was later on Best In Show-puppy under Nicola Hughes!

At the same show Westerner Firefly (Westerner Hi-Flyer - Love Cox's Always Love Me) won the youth class, 15-24 months (9 entered in the class) with CC-quality. Judge: Trudy Walsh.

Westerner Winds Eye
Westerner Winds Eye


Westerner Firefly
Westerner Firefly

"Ior" Westerner Timekeeper - Best In Show-puppy, SSRK Köping
Westerner Timekeeper

Westerner Braveheart